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We must do better. Every human being deserves to live a life free from violence, oppression, marginalization, and discrimination. Like too many before them, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor were murdered due to deeply rooted and systemic racism that this country loves to forget. From slavery to black codes, jim crow, sharecropping, obliteration of black communities (i.e. Tulsa Riots, Rosewood), lynching, Tuskegee experiments, segregation, civil rights, redlining, creation of ghettos, voter disenfranchisement, gentrification, school to prison pipelines, police brutality, etc…no one can claim ignorance to the violence against black people. We say this not forgetting the Asian / Pacific Islander, Latin American / Hispanic, Arab, Indigenous, Immigrant, and Jewish communities who are also experiencing disproportionate degrees of violence and oppression in the United States. What this country is experiencing right now is a reckoning of our nation’s historical and current moral sense. 

Revive Naturals believes that #BlackLivesMatter, and is committed to anti-racism and all intersectional issues that marginalize underserved populations in our daily life and interactions, as well as within our company structures and practices. We honor and stand in unity with social movements working to dismantle systemic racism and oppression. Differences are to be celebrated and valued, not punished.

Below are various resources to help the Revive Naturals community decolonize their thinking and interactions, in pursuit of a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world. We are sending love to all who have been surviving since they came into existence. We see you, hear you, value you, and stand by you. You belong here, and we will fight for and with you. 

Until freedom,

The Revive Naturals Team

Unconscious Bias Self Assessments

Articles and Resource Lists


Children's Books

  1. Dream Big, Little One
  2. Whoever You Are
  3. Who? A Celebration of Babies
  4. A is for Activist
  5. What a Wonderful World
  6. The Snowy Day
  7. Giraffes Can’t Dance
  8. Of Thee I Sing
  9. A Kids Book About Racism

Anti-racist Parenting: Articles and Resource Lists

Anti-racist Parenting: Short Videos and Podcasts

Short Videos and Podcasts

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