Ethical and Innovative Solutions for Diverse Skincare Issues.
Ethical and Innovative Solutions for Diverse Skincare Issues.
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About Us

We started Revive Naturals because we wanted to change the standard of beauty. Revive Naturals provides ethical and innovative solutions for diverse skincare issues. From what our customers experience through our products, to what they experience via our customer service, we wanted them to encounter three things: innovation, ethical standards, and diversity. Our innovative products address skincare issues and concerns that are not represented in the mainstream industry, and statistically and scientifically affect melanin rich skin tones at a higher rate. For centuries, communities of color in particular have used earthly resources to heal various skin ailments. Using research and several iterations of testing, Revive Naturals is taking it a step further. Our ethical ingredients are derived from the earth, and are all natural, nontoxic, cruelty free, and vegan. Consumers have been coaxed into believing that they need to use toxic ingredients for efficacy. In truth, they need the right combination of ethical ingredients. What you put on your skin is ultimately absorbed into your bloodstream, so we endeavor to make consumers more conscious of the products that they use. Revive Naturals also values diversity, and represents what the beauty industry has historically failed to do: recognize that diversity in skincare should exist beyond skin type, and aligned with skin tone. Diversity in beauty means recognizing that each individual and their skin is unique. Though all skin types and tones can safely use our products to achieve their goals, Revive Naturals honors differences by creating ethical and innovative products that fulfill more individual needs.

At Revive Naturals, we listen to our customers and cultivate products based on their needs. We want you to be confident in your purchase, so quality and transparency are our priority. Our products are expertly and professionally manufactured in a sterile lab to ensure quality control and prevent contamination. Several iterations of our product prototypes are tested for several months, adjusting and reformulating the product until it achieves the specified goal. We also have our product ingredients and benefits listed on our website to help you understand how our ethical products are healing your skin.

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The Founders

Revive Naturals’ Founders, Janese (left) and Alesha (right), met during their undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri, and quickly formed a close bond over their love of skincare. After one of them experienced a chemical burn down to the flesh from a mainstream skincare product and the other began suffering from hormonal acne, they became adamant about creating products that are effective but do not harm the skin. Combining their extensive experience in business management and in the skincare industry, Janese and Alesha founded Revive Naturals. Through Revive Naturals, they sought to not only heal their customers' skin by providing ethical and innovative solutions to unexamined skincare issues, but also to deepen their customers’ knowledge and understanding of the benefits of ethical skincare. They are driven by a desire to revive the confidence of their customers, while also cultivating economic opportunity for others. Want to get to know them better? Follow Janese’s Instagram here, and Alesha’s here.