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Alesha’s Bio:


Alesha’s love for skin care began at a young age and continued to develop throughout adulthood. She worked at Sephora where her passion for helping others find relief through skincare began. Since moving to Michigan in 2016, God has revived her life in more ways than one. As a result of this, she adopted a more natural and plant-based lifestyle and began experimenting with her own natural skincare products. After sharing this with family and friends, her best friend Janese encouraged her to share this with the world.



What does Revive mean to you?


Revive to me means that you are renewed, focused and refreshed. You are at peace with who you are and where you are in life. I believe that in order to walk fully in your purpose, you must be revived because you cannot pour from an empty vessel.

Best business advice I’ve ever received?


If they don't know you personally, don't take it personal.


Janese's Bio:


Janese was first introduced to skincare while she was working in the cosmetics section of Dillard’s during her Graduate School studies. She decided to turn to natural skincare after having a severe reaction to a chemical facial peel. Soon after, Janese began using the natural skincare products that Alesha was producing from her home, and was impressed by how well the products revived her skin. Dreams of entrepreneurship and opportunity to make an impact motivated Janese to unite her knowledge of business operations, with Alesha’s skills and creativity. Together, they invested substantial amounts of time, money, and faith into what is now known as Revive Naturals.



What does Revive mean to you?


Revive Naturals was an opportunity to re-align my actions with my visions, doubt my doubts, and start living intentionally. To me, building this company was symbolic of planting seeds of faith, forgiveness, and resilience. Suffering and healing exist in the same space; it is simply a matter of knowledge, dedication, and preparation that determines which one overcomes the other. I chose healing.

Best business advice I’ve ever received?


‘No’ means nothing from someone who does not have the authority to say ‘yes’.

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Skincare with purpose

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