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Founded and owned by two young women of color from the Midwest, Revive Naturals is an all natural, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free Skincare company that launched in December 2017. We use organic ingredients derived from the earth, and are committed to providing the best all natural skincare solutions! Skincare is the largest segment of the beauty industry, and is driven by consumer demands for safe and ethical skincare. Many consumers believe that formulations with strong chemicals will yield expedited results, but harsh products can actually yield more damage! If a product contains toxic chemicals that are too strong, several adverse reactions may occur: breakouts, skin burns, uneven tone, rashes, irritations, or a combination of  these. Consequently, all of these lead to hyperpigmentation, dark spots, dehydrated skin, uneven skin texture, and further away from your desired skincare outcomes! Revive Naturals aims to use gentle and natural, yet effective approaches to achieving your skincare goals!


All natural skincare is our passion, but Revive Naturals is about more than skincare. Living intentionally is our business ethos, and we fulfill that by serving others. It is both our social and Christian responsibility to stand as the mitigating factor that serves the most vulnerable populations of this world.  In light of this belief, Revive Naturals donates a portion of its proceeds to International Humanitarian Organizations focusing on Gender Based Violence (GBV) against women. Best described by the United Nations Population Fund, “Violence against women and girls is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world. It knows no social, economic or national boundaries. Gender-based violence undermines the health, dignity, security and autonomy of its victims, yet it remains shrouded in a culture of silence.”  At Revive Naturals, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a life free from violence, oppression, and suffering.


 As a faith-based company, we believe that the impossible is an opportunity for God to show us that He is all powerful - we believe He is a God of restoration and revival. To 'revive' is to restore life; to make something strong, healthy, or active again. Every revival is preceded with a period of sowing in which we are revived spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Revive Naturals aims to not only revive your skin with our all natural skincare products, but to revive your sense of purpose through encouragement, fellowship, and self-reflection. We humbly stand as a testimony of what faith, resilience, and obedience can birth.


Revive Naturals - Skincare with purpose.





Our founders are experienced professionals that will work closely with you, delivering the perfect skin care product.




Alesha’s love for skin care began at a young age and continued to develop throughout adulthood. She worked at Sephora where her passion for helping others..........



Janese was first introduced to skincare while she was working in the cosmetics section of Dillard’s during her Graduate School studies. She decided to turn to natural skincare after.........



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